Church and Human Rights Persecution in Indonesia


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Pictures of Riots (2)
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11.gif (14161 bytes) 11) Mob with weapons was carrying banner accusing Herman Parimo & Roy Runtu as the main people behind Poso riot.
Massa dgn senjata tajam membawa spanduk yg menuduh Herman Parimo & Roy Runtu sbg otak kerusuhan Poso.
12.gif (12800 bytes) 12) Mob burnt cars in Poso riot - December 29, 1998
Massa membakar mobil dlm kerusuhan Poso 29 Des 98
13.gif (15598 bytes) 13)
14.gif (24902 bytes) 14) Herman Parimo accused as the main person and actor of Poso riot.
Herman Parimo yg dituduh sbg otak & pemicu kerusuhan Poso.
15.gif (12980 bytes) 15) Houses and Stores were burnt by mob - December 28, 1998
Bangunan rumah & toko2 dibakar massa 28 Des 98
16.gif (14763 bytes) 16) Mobs were ready to be in action at Poso riot - 28 December 1998.
Massa siap bergerak dlm kerusuhan Poso 28 Des 98.
17.gif (14321 bytes) 17) Poso city was full of smokes from the burnt cars and houses.
Kota Poso penuh asap karena pembakaran mobil & rumah2.
18.gif (11392 bytes) 18) Mobs were ready to make a chaos.
Massa siap mengadakan kerusuhan
19.gif (14463 bytes) 19) Mobs from other places came to Poso with trucks.
Massa yg datang dari luar kota Poso dgn naik truk
20.gif (14969 bytes) 20) One of the stores burnt by mobs at Poso - December 28, 1998.
Salah satu toko dibakar massa di Poso 28 Des 98.

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