Church and Human Rights Persecution in Indonesia


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Pictures of Riots in Ambon (1)
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Riots / Civil War Photos

These are photos of the riots/civil war in Ambon, Poso, and Sanggauledo.
Foto-foto Kerusuhan/Perang Saudara di Ambon, Poso, dan Sanggauledo.

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1.gif (14384 bytes) A head skeleton. 19.gif (14335 bytes) Hundreds of cars were destroyed in the war.
3.gif (11347 bytes) Burnt body of Agustinus Martina Horu. 26.gif (14514 bytes) Church and Christian houses in Nania.
8.gif (12793 bytes) Mr. Willem Tuhomena in front of his burned house. 36.gif (15700 bytes) Maluku Protestant Church/ Gereja Protestan Maluku (GPM) "Jemaat
Petra" in Benteng Karang was burnt by moslems.
9.gif (13685 bytes) A christian mom crying for her burned home. 42.gif (12870 bytes) Market and shopping center in Mardika after the war. One side of the
Ambon island.
10.gif (12320 bytes) Mr. Maakewe (Christian) is very sad. His wife was seven months pregnant. Moslems picked her up to the garden and cut her stomach... 43.gif (13971 bytes)
15.gif (13224 bytes) Hila residents (Christians) were evacuated to Hative Besar. 52.gif (14061 bytes) These little girls were evacuated to the safety place by the army. Hundreds of children lost their parents in the war.

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