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Welcome to FICA-Net (Fellowship of Indonesian Christians in America Network). FICA-Net is a mailing list for Indonesian Christians everywhere. This network is semi-moderated, non-political, and inter-denominational. A semi-moderated network means that each member can send posting to FICA-Net directly without sensorship. However, the administrator(s) of this network reserve(s) the rights to terminate a heated and unhealthy discussion in the network that may cause the body of Christ in the network to disintegrate. As a non-political network, FICA-Net does not endorse nor have an affiliation with any political parties. Being inter-denominational, FICA-Net does not belong to any denomination. Membership is open to people from various denominations.

Since this is a Christian Network, members should promote biblical values in all discussions. It is expected that each individual carefully considers the contents of his/her article before sending it out through this network. The context of all discussions should be for all members in the network, not for individuals.

This network is to share the love of Christ, to strengthen each other, to enhance Christian worldview, and to spur each other toward deeds and good works. Members can bring up social issues (such as transformation of society, Christ and culture, and the pursue of justice) as well as spiritual issues (such as bible study materials, personal testimony, devotional materials, and prayer requests). Evangelism and social concern have always been inter-related since the early church; therefore, FICA-Net desires to promote the integration of faith, work, and knowledge. The network is not for the benefits of any individuals, denominations, or organizations. On the other hand, it has one final purpose that is to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ, forever and ever.

The network may be used to share news/information that can benefit the members. The network can be utilized to seek assistance from others. A fundrasing effort to help Christian organizations or victims of natural disasters must be approved by the administrator(s).

FICA-Net User Guidelines

  • Promote Christian values in all discussions. Members are encouraged to put their values on the table for open discussion and learning opportunities for everyone. Members come from diverse backgrounds; therefore, do not expect agreement in all matters.
  • Use a proper language. Since this is a Christian mailing list, its standards are higher compared to those of other mailing lists. Refrain from using flagrant, obscene, or vulgar words in your message. Those who violate it will be warned publicly. Further violation will result in the expulsion from the mailing list.
  • On average, there are about thirty to forty new fica-net messages daily. Prospective members should consider this before joining.
  • The administration team does not monitor the contents of every message. Each member is responsible to use his/her personal judgement (“sensor”) when sending or receiving the message. The administration team will intervene only when absolutely necessary.
  • When you forward an E-mail (including a joke) to fica-net, you *must* first read it thoroughly and carefully, considering whether its contents are appropriate for other members.
  • Be tolerant to others. Our styles, backgrounds, and interests vary quite a bit; therefore, consider what is good for the group. Sometimes this means deleting the message you don't like or refraining from posting quick/angry replies when unnecessary. Focus on the substance of the topic(s).
  • Focus on one subject per message and always include a pertinent subject title for the message. *Asterisks* surrounding a word can be used to make a stronger point.
  • Be professional and careful with what you say about others or other organizations.
  • Be careful when using sarcasm and humor. Without the tone of voice, your sarcasm may be interpreted differently. You may use :-) happy face for humor.
  • Identify yourself when sending an E-mail. FICA-Net is not a place for anonymous letters. Members are encouraged to identify those who do not use actual names. After a warning, further violation to this rule will result in the expulsion from the mailing list.
  • Use “Plain Text Only” when sending an E-mail. Do not send attachments containing graphics, multi-media files, or binary files. This action slows down the server. Additionally, most people cannot read them without extra efforts.
  • Avoid sending chain letters or pyramid-scheme appeals that may congest the traffic in the Internet. If a letter contains threats, do not pass it to any other mailing lists. Rather, delete it immediately.
  • Members are encouraged to read fica-net archives at http://www.fica.org/mailman/listinfo/fica-net to enrich the contents of discussion and avoid repetition. These archives can be accessed by members only.
  • When replying to a long message, cut the irrelevant text. Also, avoid an unnecessary long signature at the bottom of the E-mail. This will save a connection/download time for a lot of people.

Report any subscription problems and membership requests to fn-admin@fica.org. The administrators have the right to permanently or temporarily terminate the membership of those that have technical problems such as disk quota limits, unknown usernames, etc.


Don't hesitate to give us your comment. You can do so by sending email to fn-admin@fica.org.

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